Supported Mission Works

The members of the Cary Church of Christ are blessed by God to be able to support many good mission works that are endeavoring to spread the Gospel throughout the world. In the past couple of years, our congregation has been able to greatly increase its focus on giving in many ways toward mission efforts.

Some of the works that we are currently supporting as a congregation, or the elders encourage members to support, are:

• Carthage Church of Christ
This is a newly planted congregation in the town of Carthage, North Carolina, about 50 miles southwest of Cary. We are the sponsoring congregation for Randy Chambers as he works in this community where there is great potential for harvest. It was just Randy, his wife Tifane, and daughter Winna when they started work in 2004. Since that time, the congregation has grown considerably (and the Chambers also have a son, Issac, too)! In the Fall of 2009, they completed construction on a larger church building on their property.

• Greater Daytona Church of Christ
This is another newly planted congregation, that began in the fall of 2011. Its located in Daytona, Florida and was started by Raymond Sieg and his wife, Teresa.
The congregation has recently moved from worshiping in the Sieg’s house, to a new facility located in a nearby mall.
More importantly, the congregation is growing to fill the new space!
Some the members at Cary may remember Raymond’s father-in-law, Bill Heinzelmann. Bill was and elder at Cary in the late 80s and early 90s.

• Latin American Missions
The Cary congregation is excited to be involved with the Latin American Missions work of the Forest Park Church of Christ in Valdosta, GA. By partnering in 2010, 2012, and 2014 with this existing missions program, groups of our members have spread the Gospel and brought benevolence, medical care and encouragement to the people in Panama.

• Eastern European Missions
• Since 1961, Eastern European Missions has been providing Bibles and Biblical literature in the languages of the nations of Eastern Europe. For many years, until God brought communism down, EEM had to find ways to smuggle Bibles through the Iron Curtain. Today, EEM supplies Bibles and Biblical literature in 20 languages, free of charge, to the people in the nations of the former communist bloc. Whether it is to one person who asks for a Bible or all of the public schools in an entire state, EEM provides God’s Word to people who want it. Opportunities to provide God’s Word to people have continued to multiply since the fall of communism. Public schools, entire states at a time, in both Russia and Ukraine have requested the Bible for their students. Former communist youth camps have asked for EEM workers to come and direct their camps in Ukraine.

• Waldron Indian Missions
Jim Waldron has been going to the southern states of India since 1972, and he helped to begin a school for married preachers in 1989 in Dindigul, known as the Dindigul Bible Institute. Over the next twenty years, more than 850 men graduated from the school. In the early 1990’s a number of the graduates wanted to begin preacher training schools in their areas, thus the schools began to multiply. Now there are 40 total preaching schools currently in operation. Today, after just over twenty years, to the glory of God, more than 1,400 Tamil brothers have been trained to preach Jesus and Him crucified.

The aim of this work is to train men as Paul did, that is to be tent-making preachers Married students receive support while in school ($50/mo), and are encouraged to learn a trade. At the time of graduation they are given a bicycle ($75).  The desire for the churches of Christ in India is that they not be a glorified welfare program for the church in the U.S.; thus only a very few of these graduates receive support from the States, perhaps 5%. The vast majority of them work with their hands to support themselves and their families. Yet, this does not mean that the graduates are sent out and forgotten, but periodically they are supported by a regional or even a state-wide campaign.

Waldron Missions also supports the Pudakothai School for the Blind and Deaf, the Angie Greene School for Women, and provides goats and/or cows to indigent Christian widows and their children.

• Church of Christ India Missions
With it roots beginning in the late 70s with Ron Clayton and his wife Karen, this work has grown to include several full-time workers; Jerris and Juanita Bullard, Kyle Clayton, Robert Hall, Ben Renegar, Jerry Edwards, and Bill Nance. Together, they are coordinating gospel meetings, medical clinics, seminars for denominational preachers, and supplying tools for native Indian preachers (Bibles, bicycles, study material, etc).

The team also teaches at Karen Primary School, a school for slum area children who would have no other education, and the Carl Crosser Memorial Institute of Biblical Studies, a preacher training school. Assistance is also given to Violet’s Kids, a foster home for abandoned infants, Harvey Cabe Memorial Children’s Home, as well as the 25 branches of Lahoma Crosser Memorial Tailoring Institute which provides sewing machines and other equipment to train women in tailoring so they can earn enough to support themselves and/or their families.