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Eastern European Missions Update

Eastern European Mission (EEM), which is spreading the Word by teaching English in Europe through the Bible, have moved their Ukrainian offices from Donetsk to the capital city of Kiev. Due to the incursion in Ukraine, church buildings have been overrun and access has been blocked into regions of the Donetsk Oblast (state). However, members of the church are still meeting in houses and apartments throughout the area.
EEM has also received request for Bibles translated in Farsi and Arabic, that they may give Bibles (without charge) to refugees entering into Eastern Europe.

Exciting News from the Ukraine

EXCERPT FROM ONGOING CONVERSATON WITH EASTERN EUROPEAN MISSION.  You who have been on the list some time will remember our Brother Binkley mentioning receiving free Bibles, etc., from EEM for his work in Nicolaev.) 

“What we have just heard is astounding . . . The Minister of Education for Ukraine was looking over the records for all the oblasts (regions) of Ukraine recently and discovered that some of the regions had lowered discipline problems and escalated test scores.  He was very curious as to the reason for this and had his assistant follow up – – – It happens that these regions where the discipline problems have been significantly lowered and the test scores raised are the regions where we have placed Bibles and they are being studied in the classroom.

He asked for a meeting.  Bill Bundy and Dirk Smith were going to be in Ukraine so they arranged to meet with him.  He signed an official order that all schools would implement the Bible in the classroom curriculum, that will now become mandatory in the education of all the Ukrainian students!  We consider this to be a very good result of placement of Bibles in the classroom!  Now our job is to get the Bibles into all those other regions! 


ISAIAH 55:11  So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

Bob and Jan