Church of Christ India Missions update, June 2015

Below is an excerpt from one of the India mission works we support, Church of Christ India Missions.  I’ll be posting the entire newsletter on the Missions bulletin board this Sunday.  This amazing growth is in part because the people of India are tired of Hindu dogma that has kept them peasants for generations!

During the first 4 months of our efforts in 2014, our team conducted 104,000 Gospel meetings.  A total of 200,654 souls were baptized into Christ.  Of that number, 771 denominational preachers.  In addition, our team planted 2,890 new congregations of the Lord’s church.  Overall, 706,000 souls were baptized.

Through the months of April this year (2015), our team has conducted 133,288 Gospel meetings, leading to 263,727 souls to be born again.  We established 4,769 new congregations- and a total of 1,593 denominational preachers have been baptized.  Our goal is to baptize 750,000 this year.

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