2014 Mission Trip to Gualaca, Panama

Cary brethren, please read this letter from our team leader, Dave Huffman:

I hope everybody is well rested along with safe travel home and continuing your service to the Lord. I thank you for the time you spent with me in Panama in His service and hope you are planning for next year.

Let me tell you how grateful I am that I was able to work with so many great Christians. Your care for the brethren in Gualaca, spiritually and physically, is clearly shown in your actions. Even when we were tired and HOT that did not stop your focus on the lost of Gualaca and treating the body and soul.

Because of your labor and God giving the increase, there are now four new Christians in the Lord’s kingdom and a new congregation of the Lord’s church.

By the numbers:

Doc Patients: 38 + 171+312+385 + 112 = 1,018
Pharm Patients 36 +182+ 318+419 + 129 = 1,084
RX’s 117 + 729+1245+2111 + 479 = 4,681
Hair Cuts 44 (Great job Donna)
Children’s Night 12+38+58+63 = 171
Daytime children’s Class 21+125+75+17= 248
Worship Services 91+ 124 + 151 + 156 = 522
Studies 35+77+107+25 = 244
Baptisms 4

Remember that we planted the Seed, watered it while we were there and God will give the increase. How many of these people will want to know more about WHY we were there and thereby obey the gospel is the answer and the reason for our doing what we did?

I hope we will all rejoice and give God the glory for the work that was accomplished in Gulaca. We need to keep these new Christians in our prayers that they will continue to grow; also remember Elio as he and the congregation continues to teach them God’s Word. Also, to support this new work Elio is in need of $500 per month to rent a small house and pay for utilities.

If you have any questions of if I can help in any way, please let me know. I look forward to working with you again!

I Cor. 3:7
Yours in Christ,
Dave Huffman

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