Missionary Robert Hall to Give Report This Sunday Night

Robert Hall, one of the missionaries from Church of Christ India Missions, will be giving a report to the congregation this Sunday night at 5 pm. We have been supporting this work since 2011. Make plans to come out and see what God is doing through us in India!

One response to “Missionary Robert Hall to Give Report This Sunday Night

  1. Dear Beloved Bro. Jeff Essic
    Greetings in the name of our lord, VBS mains Vacation Bible School. We are doing in summer Holidays only.

    I would like to inform and give report to you about the conduct of VBS classes for our children. We have conducted VBS classes for five days by the themes (five facts of Jesus) each day.

    We conducted the classes by our children along with a large number of local Hindu children.

    On the first day we inaugurated the classes at 7:30 in the morning with prayer and for one hour we make the children to learn some courses and after that we divided the classes according to their ages. In each class we told them the first theme of the day “HE CAME”. Who is “HE” and how he came to the world. Our teachers had thought them very well by showing the flash cards. These flash cards made the children know well about the Jesus, how simple way he lead in the world. The classes held on up to 12:30 afternoon. We ended the classes with the closing prayer. After that we arranged idly for them to eat as snacks for them. On this day there are only 20 children.

    The second day started at 7:30 with prayer and sang some courses for half an hour and the classes were started, at this day the children were increased to 60 as the children brought their friends also. The teachers had explained the how Jesus had died for us through flash cards. The day ends with prayer. We arranged them uppma for them. They ate and went to their home.

    On the third day class started as usual at 7:30 in that session the children sang choruses ‘and for half an hour we conducted an evaluation on the previous two classes by asking some questions to them the children had taken an active participation on telling the answers. After that they went to their classes and the teachers had told them how Jesus had AROSE by showing them with plays. The class ends with prayer. Vada’s were the snacks given to them.

    The fourth day classes were started as usual by 7:30 the children sang choruses the teachers thought that days theme how Jesus “ASCENDED”. The day end with prayer. Idly’s were given to them as snacks.

    On the last day the we conducted the class morning to evening. On this day morning session started with prayer and children sang choruses, the teachers had thought their classes on that days topic how Jesus WILL COMING BACK. After that the session ended with prayer. Rasna were given to them to drink. After that break each class teacher conducted test to their children.

    In the after noon we arranged lunch for them with briyani and chicken curry dishes. The children enjoyed the dishes very much. After lunch we engaged the children to do craft work and some conversation plays of what we learn form our lessons. At 3 O’clock we conducted the meeting the children sang some songs and the prizes were distributed to them for their performances in their classes.

    This VBS programme was very useful for the children; so many Hindu children had come and know the five facts of the Christ. By the grace of Lord the programme was spiritually success to bring the little hearts near to Lord. The material was very attractive for the children and moreover for teachers it is very useful to teach them and make the children do exercises in the book.

    I am praying for you and your family and your ministry work. Please pray for my ministry works and help and support my works. Please send a reply me I am waiting for your kind reply.

    In His service,

    Church of Christ salutes you (Romans 16:16)

    Bro. suman singh Preacher
    Church of Christ
    Orphan children’s Home
    Govt Reg: 454/2007
    Door no: 8-18-7
    Khambham choultry Street
    Andhra Pradesh India
    East Godavari District
    Cell no: 0091-9866186497
    E-mail: sumansingh_2002@yahoo.com
    E-mail: churchofchristaprjyindia@gmail.com

    School Address

    Bro. Suman Singh Preacher
    Thomas Public School
    Door No: 73-15-16
    Near: A.v.Appa Rao Road
    Gopala Nagar Pounth Road
    Andhra Pradesh India.

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