Panama Mission Trip July 2012

On July 14-21, 2012, five members of the Cary congregation were able to join 39 other Christians from around the U.S. on a medical and evangelist campaign led by Dave Huffman and Latin American Missions, a ministry of the Forest Park church of Christ in Valdosta, GA. Here is a picture of our group:

Here is the entire team from all over the U.S. that came together in service to the Lord in Valle Del Risco, Panama.

Our Cary Team: Zachary Barco, Bridget Cook, Floyd Barco, Jeff Loving, and Jacob Boyd

The mission trip to Valle del Risco, Panama was an experience that I wish every Christian could have.
This small village, with a population of just over 1,000, is nestled in the Bocas Del Toro rainforest. Overall, the people were quiet, friendly, and very receptive to our medical help and evangelism.

Over a four day period, we were able to serve in many ways:
– 844 medical patients
– 250 eye patients
– 3,278 prescriptions filled
– Owen Olbriecht (80 yrs old) conducted 54 Bible studies while patients waited to be served.
– 154 Bible studies were held in homes
– 385 attended VBS over 3 days
– Sermon attendance was very good every night, especially on the last night; there were 234 attendees.

Buildings in the village – this is in Bocas

A bunch of happy kids!

People waited hours in line to see the doctors…

Jeff Loving helped to manage the crowd at the medical clinic

A Panamanian lady being seen by the eye doctor inside the school building we borrowed for our medical clinic

Floyd Barco, Jacob Boyd and others teaching a Bible lesson in a family’s home

Playing with the small children so their parents could study the Bible was Zachary’s important and fun job!

Bridget Cook with a new friend!

The church building in Valle del Risco

The evening worship service

The most wonderful part was being able to witness the spiritual birth of 7 new babes in Christ, and the renewal of four Christians who had fallen away.
Please pray for these fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as they continue their journey with us to our eternal home!

Gilbert Blandford, the local preacher, baptizes a new believer in Christ

A few weeks after our visit, LAM team leader Dave Huffman went back to the village with a woodworker from South Carolina.
He helped teach the villagers different woodworking techniques, in the hopes of developing ways to earn a living and repairing items more inexpensively.

This was the first time Latin American Missions visited this village, and there is still much work to be done.
Please keep the Valle Del Risco congregation, and preacher Gilberto Blandford, in your prayers.

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