Panama Trip News

Latin American Missions of the Valdosta, Ga Church of Christ has been traveling to Central/South America and Mexico spreading the gospel for over 50 years. This year Cary joined forces with them and participated in a medical/evangelical mission to Las Lomas, Panama. It was tough, humbling but rewarding work for all. The work there includes an orphanage and preaching school. On Aug 15th, there was a presentation describing the work and needs in more detail. Cathie McCaskill, Bridgette Cook and Karen Thompson were the ladies that participated this year from Cary. Floyd and his 2 sons Caleb and Isaiah Barco as well as Dr. Rodney McCaskill also participated. There truly was something for everyone to do. We had medical teams, head washing teams, dental teams , pharmacy teams, kitchen teams, maintenance teams, evangelical teams and even a haircutting team. Children and adults classes were conducted for all each evening after clinic and 9 souls responded to the gospel. On the way back to the airport we got to see the Panama canal, a coffee plantation and flower garden. Plants and yes, bugs —we may see here grow to giant sizes there! Please see the pictures. The beauty of Gods creation is astounding. Pray the work started there will continue to grow for the Lord.
Medical Clinic Patients: 1347
Pharmacy Patients: 1243
RX’s: 5733
Dental Patients: 372
Extractions: 179
Lice Head Washes: 219
Hair Cuts: 201
Children’s Class (Day): 442
Children’s Class (Night): 155
Teen Class (Night): 102
Bible Studies: 151
People in Bible Studies: 218
Schools visited by Teen Evangelism: 4
Students in Bible Studies: 677
Baptisms: 9 souls baptized into Christ!*

Here is the link to the photo gallery by Bryan Scarborough: Just click on *Missions* in the top right corner of this link and his daily pictures, as well as Floyd Barco’s, and others are included.

Floyd Barco teaching the gospel

Dr. McCaskill and Nurse Karen Thompson seeing patients

Isaiah Barco washing lice from a child's hair

Nurse Cathie McCaskill seeing patients

Bridget Cook worked long hours in the kitchen

Caleb Barco teaching a lesson

Caleb Barco teaching a lesson

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