Ghana Team Leaving on Friday, June 18th

Our Mission Team to Ghana, Karen Mitchell and her son,
Stanley, will be leaving on Friday, June 18th at 1:15pm
on American Airlines. They will be joining Ted & Renee
Wheeler, their daughter, Trisha, and David Stearsman.
Keep them in your daily prayers as they work for the church
in Ghana.

The congregation is encouraged to go to the airport to see
them off. Let’s show them how excited we are to have them
represent us as servants of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

The following letter is from Ted:

On June 18th we will be leaving for Ghana. We will be working
primarily in Northern Ghana with the churches in the Bunk-
purugu and Saboba Districts. Our main emphasis is to strengthen
the churches we have established in those districts over the last
several years.
In Saboba, we will be having special studies for men and women;
helping church finish up some work on their new building and
assisting them with a community outreach program. We now
have 16 congregations in the district and we will be inviting all
of them to join us in these activities in Saboba. We are also
planning to help the churches in the district to reach out to one
or two villages that have asked for Jesus Christ to be preached
and the Lord’s church established within their community.
From Saboba we will continue on to Bunkpurugu. We now have
10 congregations in the Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District. We are
going to hold a district-wide meeting in the village of Gbetimong.
We are expecting several hundred to be in attendance for this
meeting. Earlier this year, there were two conflicts in the district
that left two villages completely displaced. We are hoping to be
able raise the funds so that we can be of assistance to these
communities. Often after a situation like this takes place, not
only is the Lord’s church looked to for relief; but leaders from
the churches of Christ are called upon to help restore peace
and trust within the communities. All of the people in the area
know that members of the church are truly concerned about
their welfare—which provides many opportunities for us to
help and teach.
While in Ghana we will also be working with the Accra Road
church of Christ in Ashaiman, Kpone church of Christ and
Buduburam church of Christ. We also hope to make a visit
to the Village of Hope (orphanage in Feta).

Villages Burned
In January, a chieftaincy dispute arose among the Konkombas
in Bunkpurugu. Before soldiers and police could respond,one
village was razed one village was burned 5 people were killed.
In March, a land conflict also arose among two Bimoba villages,
Kambatiek and Gbankooni, and some houses were also burned
down. As a result of these conflicts, thousands of people have
been displaced along with the church we established Gbankooni
in 2008. This past week we received word from the Chief of
Bunkpurugu asking if we could provide assistance to those
that have been displaced.
Three Children Orphaned
A sister in Christ from Bunkpurugu recently died suddenly leaving
three children. The youngest is only 3 months old and is currently
on Lactogen, a local formula. The others are two and four years old.
The children have currently been placed in the care of one church
sister. We are in need of your support and prayers to help this
sister care for these children.
Saboba Church Moves Into Unfinished Building
For years the brothers and sisters in Saboba have been forced
to meet in a primary school classroom. By God’s grace, hard
work on their part and the sacrifices of many good brethren
(here and there) the Saboba church were finally able to move
into their new building in town. There is still a lot to do. Doors
and windows need to be installed. The building needs to plas-
tered and painted. And porches need to be floored.

Keep checking this blog or for updates!

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