Information for the Panama trip – 2010

Attention Panama trip team members!  It’s time to start making preparations and checking off these exciting To-Do items for the trip:

  1. All team members must complete a registration form ( under ‘Lets GO’ section), and send it in three months prior to the campaign.
  2. Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists) should also send in a copy of their license, diploma, and resume along with the registration form so that I can get them authorized to practice in the country;
  3. All team members should apply for a passport now (see local post office or for instructions)
  4. All team members should check with the CDC ( for recommended vaccinations.  We recommend the Hepatitis A & B shots; the others are up to your discretion.  Medicine for malaria is not needed on this campaign.
  5. After all registrations are in, our travel agent will contact you with itineraries and fares (unless you specify on the registration that you are getting your own tickets), and payment will be made directly to her.
  6. About one month prior to the campaign, you will receive a team information packet from me containing a team t-shirt, campaign information, and the amount of your “Shared Team Expense” (which will cover your in-country food, hotels, transportation, translators, coordinator expenses, etc…).  Each team member will then immediately send that amount to our office, unless they provided us their credit card information on their registration form and want us to make payment that way.


July 16th – Travel from Raliegh to Panama City
July 17th – Travel from Panama City to Los Lomas
July 18th-21st – Work days
July 22nd – Travel from Los Lomas to Panama City
July 23rd – Tour day (purchase souvenirs, see the sights, etc)
July 24th – Travel from Panama City to Raliegh

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