Prayer Request from Thailand Congregation

Samrit Kammanee, a former speaker at our East Tennessee School of Preaching lectureship, has asked that we remember Janpen Buengumpan. Janpen is a 17 year old Buddist that has been attending worship with Samrit; Samrit has also begun studying the Bible with Janpen and asks that we remember Janpen in our prayers as the Lord’s Word is shared with her.

Eastern European Missions Update

Eastern European Mission (EEM), which is spreading the Word by teaching English in Europe through the Bible, have moved their Ukrainian offices from Donetsk to the capital city of Kiev. Due to the incursion in Ukraine, church buildings have been overrun and access has been blocked into regions of the Donetsk Oblast (state). However, members of the church are still meeting in houses and apartments throughout the area.
EEM has also received request for Bibles translated in Farsi and Arabic, that they may give Bibles (without charge) to refugees entering into Eastern Europe.

Meet the Hannas!


Our congregation is thrilled to be supporting Tavaro Hanna, a preaching student attending the Memphis School of Preaching. Tavaro, his wife Alissa, and his two daughters Genesis and Legacy are from Grand Bahama in The Commonwealth of the Bahamas. For over twenty years, Tavaro has been active in the work of the Lord’s church in Freeport on Grand Bahama. After completing his studies at the Memphis School of Preaching, The Hanna Family plans to return to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas so that they may work full time to spread the gospel and grow the Lord’s church in the area. For more information about Tavaro, his family, and the good work he is doing, check out his personal website!

Church of Christ India Missions update, June 2015

Below is an excerpt from one of the India mission works we support, Church of Christ India Missions.  I’ll be posting the entire newsletter on the Missions bulletin board this Sunday.  This amazing growth is in part because the people of India are tired of Hindu dogma that has kept them peasants for generations!

During the first 4 months of our efforts in 2014, our team conducted 104,000 Gospel meetings.  A total of 200,654 souls were baptized into Christ.  Of that number, 771 denominational preachers.  In addition, our team planted 2,890 new congregations of the Lord’s church.  Overall, 706,000 souls were baptized.

Through the months of April this year (2015), our team has conducted 133,288 Gospel meetings, leading to 263,727 souls to be born again.  We established 4,769 new congregations- and a total of 1,593 denominational preachers have been baptized.  Our goal is to baptize 750,000 this year.

Never give up trying to spread the gospel !!!

Please read this entire article… encouraging story of how an attempt to spread the gospel 20 years ago is still having its affect:

More Montenegro news from Brian Leavitt (pictured on the right below, with Gjovalin Bobaj)

This last Lord’s Day, I had the privilege to accompany Marsida’s father, Gjovalin, to the ancient Montenegrean city of Rijeka Crnojevica. We left early in the day in order to be back in time for our 4:00 pm worship when the whole family can attend. This was a much coveted time for me, as I have been looking forward to spending time alone with Gjovalin to aid him in learning how to better study the Bible and share from it with his family and what he hopes (as do we all) will be a growing church in this place.

Our trip to this city of 200 year old stone bridges over the tip of Lake Skadar, was once home to Montenegro’s royals in an era long past. It is one of the jewels of Montenegro and is well known to its inhabitants; however, few that I have spoken to have had to the opportunity to visit it even though it is less than 25 kilometers from the capital of Podgorica.

Some might consider our taxi ride uneventful (other than our need to help herd three cows down the winding one lane road into the village), but I considered it enlightening to say the least. Gjovalin is unabashedly thrilled to belong to the Lord. On our trip to the village he spoke excitedly about his conversion and baptism several years ago when he and his wife Luce accompanied Marsida to Hungary to meet with our sister, Nelda Jo. He spoke of several people in his home town of Tuzi who study the Bible and their wisdom gleaned from scripture. And what his words may have lacked as he spoke of our loving God that would run to meet a Prodigal, his glistening eyes easily conveyed. This is a man who loves God.

As we sat along the river that feeds into the lake, we looked together for the first time at the Bible I brought from home for him.  A gift from the family of God that meets in Lobster Valley, Oregon, with his name embossed on the cover, he carries it proudly—outside of the briefcase he also carries. Oh, there is room in the briefcase for it—he just has no intention of covering it. Sipping the strong coffee that is the trademark of the Balkans and sitting side by side, we turn the pages of the Word together. He is a quick study as he navigates the chain references, the index and study helps. When I speak of how to learn from the parables of Jesus, he leans intently towards me cupping his right ear with his hand in order to not miss a word. We sit on a stone bench in the little shade afforded from a young sapling tree in a planter—and talk about its stunted growth and eventual death because it will never have the opportunity to take deep root or enjoy the benefits from the rains that run off the pavement instead of soaking the ground. I then point to a massive tree just feet from the lake that shades an entire bank and speak of the importance of being well grounded in the Living Waters that Christ speaks about. He easily understands Christ’s usage of everyday encounters to teach the Good News.

Gjovalin then shares with me a story that may be familiar to a few, but needs to be heard by many—especially teachers who often think that because one does not respond to the Gospel immediately that somehow they have failed in the teaching. Gjovalin tells me that twenty years ago, “Peggy from Ohio” (he has long lost her address in the move from Albania to Montenegro) sent him in the mail a WEI course and a tape that he played over and over again. I would say that he is a “self-taught man” when it comes to English (he speaks often of his Oxford Dictionary), yet God knows—and perhaps now in the reading of this article, “Peggy from Ohio” will also know that “self-taught” isn’t entirely accurate. He spoke of how he would write “Peggy” and she would send him more tapes and he would do his lessons in English and in the Bible.

Hard economic times, a move from one country to another and the accompanying family hardships have a way of taking their toll. Yet, fifteen years later, his daughter Marsida would express a desire to learn English—and Gjovalin recalled “Peggy” and the WEI lessons from years before. He sends her, now via the internet to learn, where she becomes a student of Nelda Jo. Months later, Marsida becomes the first known member of the Lord’s church in Montenegro. Nelda Jo speaks of the times when she was teaching Marsida and her mother, Luce was seen on Skype and listening to the lessons. Then, two years later, with Marsida helping and with the Lord’s leading all the way, Gjovalin and Luce travel to Hungary and are baptized into Christ. Peggy—did you know? Did you ever think that perhaps your teaching and sharing the Gospel of Christ to a man in Albania decades before would result in the planting of the Lord’s church in the country of Montenegro? The church, as well as we know, is three strong in this place. Seeds are being planted from far away, and in person now and in the past. We may not have the blessing that Nelda Jo has had, seeing it sprout and take root in the life of a babe in Christ (who teaches others now, by the way). But our calling is to plant. The Lord will give the increase. He calls us to be faithful to the task—and trust in faith His Word that says, “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11).

To God be the glory, forever and ever. Amen


Waldron Missions

These are the young people enrolled in the two year Bible course taught at the Coimbatore Bible Institute, conducted on the Angie Greene Campus in the little town of Chettipalayam, S. India, who  meet in separate classes for the two year study.  For the last course in April each year they meet together and study the book of Revelation. This year there are 32 girls and 27 boys. Mercy Wilson, principal, in the blue and green sari sits next to her husband, Peter, in the front row at the right. Stan Perveen the principal for the men’s section stands on the left end of the second row of the young men.

Bible classes each day are for four hours, but all students in their spare time study English, typing and computer applications.  A local college awards them a certificate in computers. They also have an afternoon class to learn tailoring.  Chettipalayam, where this school is located, is about 1,800 miles south of Assam.



In the first few years of the Bible School in Chettipalayam the kitchen was located in a renovated cowshed. Later we were able to move it to an old house on the property, but it was very inadequate for the daily preparation of food for 140 or more students and staff. Not only so, but T. Samuel, who is manager and head cook currently lives off the school grounds with his family in a house we rent for him.


As you can see from the picture we have torn down the old house and are building a new kitchen (ground floor) and an apartment for the family upstairs; plus a library room for the students’ use. Also on the ground floor next to the kitchen a small room is being provided for two women cooks who have no family. 


As a point of interest brother Samuel is one of the three elders in the church that meets on the property directly behind the new kitchen, where the orphans’ home is located. There are about 120 children in the home, which is a project of Don and Cathy Iverson begun in 2002. Fifteen of the children from the home are enrolled in the Bible School.


We are extremely thankful to God, who has stirred up the hearts of so many of you that are helping this work to the extent that we can continue to develop it and prepare for more young people to be helped to glory.


As I have written before there are seven states in the northeast of India where the people are nationally Indians, but ethically the majority is made up of Mongolian tribes, who speak many different languages. One of these languages is Karbi and the Karbi people have proven to be very open to the gospel, even to the point that two years ago we were able to spin off from the Northeast Bible Institute (NBI- English medium) a separate school known as the Karbi Bible Institute (KBI); using the Karbi tongue. The region where the Karbi tribe lives is in the central portion of the state of Assam about 110 miles from the state capital, Guwahati.

 The young evangelist, chosen to be the principal, whom you know of is Joysingh Enghi. This young man is only 24, but he has proven himself an effective evangelist, a defender of the faith and a fine Bible teacher and an effective trainer of others in the word. The school meets in a small town in the Karbi district, called, Diphu, about a hundred thirty miles north of where NBI meets south of the state capital.   

The six men shown above are expected to graduate on May 9, as the first graduating class.  Lord willing I will be there for the graduation. The names Rongi and Engti are tribes.

   Left to right they are:

1. Jowelson Rongi.  This brother is 37, his wife’s name is Mili and they have two children.  By trade he is a farmer and speaks four languages, 1) His own tongue, Karbi; 2) Assamese, the state language; 3) another tribal language, Naga; and 4) the national language, Hindi.  

2. Malong Hanse, 22, he is unmarried. By trade he is a farmer and speaks five languages, 1) Karbi; 2) Assamese; 3) Naga; 4) Hindi; and 5) English.

3. Chondro Engti, is 38, and his wife’s name is Sika. They have two children; together they are in the broiler business.  He speaks four languages, 1) Karbi; 2) Assamese; 3) Naga and 4) Hindi.

4. Anderson Engti, 23, unmarried.  By trade he is a farmer and he speaks five languages, 1) Karbi; 2) Assamese; 3) Naga; 4) Hindi and 5) English.  

5. Mensing Engti, 47, his wife’s name is Melep and they have four children and three of them have already obeyed the gospel. He is a farmer and speaks four languages, 1) Karbi; 2) Assamese; 3) Naga; and Hindi. The name Engti is a tribal title.

6. Thomas Rongpi, 46, his wife’s name is Kabon and they have five children. He is a farmer and speaks five languages. 1) Karbi; 2) Assamese; 3) Naga; 4. Hindi; and 5) English.  


April 3, 2015 gathering of 57 of the 61 Gospel preachers in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. They conduct as many evening bible schools each week with 534 enrolled. These schools are located in two states in the deep south of India -Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Classes are taught in the Tamil and Telegu languages. These classes meet three evenings a week for three hours for three years. The cost to maintain these schools is about $25 per person, not for wages, but for busfare and an evening meal of beans and rice. A contribution of $100 a month supports four of these brothers, many of them are already preaching each Lord’s Day.  



These five girls stood First in a 12-Hour writing of scriptures on February 14, 2015.  They were all challenged to write as many scriptures as they could remember having learned over the period of their studies. The girls are named from left to right in the picture:  1. D.Sathiya: age 20 = 405 verses; 2. M. Chitra: age 21 = 461 verses; 3. A. Preethika: age 19 = 405 verses; 4. P. Mariyal: age 22 = 501 verses; 5. S. Mythili: age 17 = 527 verses. The group of 31 girls averaged 260 verses each.

May the God of Heaven and earth be praised for raising up such young people who have the zeal to know the Word of God. Such girls have the potential as mothers and grandmothers to raise generations of Gospel preachers.

                                                                   MOVING FORWARD

 After graduation here on May 2nd I will fly to the northeast to NBI at Guwahati, then the Karbi graduation, and on to another graduation in Aurnachal Pradesh.  There are many other things to do, including a follow up on the request we received to provide for 60 orphans in the Karbi Hills.  May the God of all comfort bless you for your love of His Son and His Kingdom.  Please pray for the masses to hear.

In Christian Love,

Jim E. Waldron

Exciting News from the Ukraine

EXCERPT FROM ONGOING CONVERSATON WITH EASTERN EUROPEAN MISSION.  You who have been on the list some time will remember our Brother Binkley mentioning receiving free Bibles, etc., from EEM for his work in Nicolaev.) 

“What we have just heard is astounding . . . The Minister of Education for Ukraine was looking over the records for all the oblasts (regions) of Ukraine recently and discovered that some of the regions had lowered discipline problems and escalated test scores.  He was very curious as to the reason for this and had his assistant follow up – – – It happens that these regions where the discipline problems have been significantly lowered and the test scores raised are the regions where we have placed Bibles and they are being studied in the classroom.

He asked for a meeting.  Bill Bundy and Dirk Smith were going to be in Ukraine so they arranged to meet with him.  He signed an official order that all schools would implement the Bible in the classroom curriculum, that will now become mandatory in the education of all the Ukrainian students!  We consider this to be a very good result of placement of Bibles in the classroom!  Now our job is to get the Bibles into all those other regions! 


ISAIAH 55:11  So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

Bob and Jan